"Ladies ´n´ Gentlemen, we proudly present the famous  ´n´ incredible number 1 rockin´ band from Munich,

on tour with a big charge Rock´n´Roll Dynamite from AC/DC to ZZtop..."

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downloadFC-AC/DC Compilation
(French Connection)

6.3 MB4:05 min

Recorded in "one take" on a lazy sunday afternoon at Rehearsal Studio Ainhofen Germany
Original Songs written by Malcolm Young / Angus Young / Bon Scott
Arrangement & Mixing by Zepp Chalupper
Leadvocals - Werwie Wolfsteiner
Leadguitar on "You shook me" - Werner Schilcher
Leadguitar on "Touch to much" - Zepp Chalupper
Bass - Herbi Lang
Drums - Rich Garin

Management by
Rockdynamite Entertainment